The Art of Caramel

Let’s face it; your taste has changed since you were a kid. Now you have a job, a discerning palate and a refined aesthetic. And now your caramel corn has grown up too. It’s sophisticated, nuanced and elegant with just the right amount of fun. Just like you. Get ready to think of caramel corn in a whole new way. Forget what you ate at the carnival as a kid. These flavors pair perfectly with your favorite wine or spirit. And they fit right in at your most sophisticated cocktail parties. The Art of Caramel features all-natural air-popped corn blanketed in light, flaky caramel, all flavored with notes from fresh, gourmet ingredients and premium liquors. It’s anything but old-fashioned. Just because you’re growing up doesn’t mean you’re growing old. You don’t have to stop eating caramel corn. You just have to start eating the best.